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Have you ever imagined how you could improve your home, office or place of business in Boynton Beach, FL? Making it both modern and vintage at the same time, adding a refined touch to your floors or walls, while also contributing to preserving our planet’s resources?

We believe Mahalo Wood has the answers for you! Mahalo Wood is a company with over 26 years of experience on the Reclaimed, Exotic and Demolition Wood industry. We are now proud to inform you that we are now distributing high quality and amazingly beautiful exotic Reclaimed wood panels for Boynton Beach homeowners and business through our South Florida branch!

Boynton Beach home owners and residents have at their disposal great looking and reliable wood for all kinds of construction or decorative projects and the best part is that all these unique materials, since they were sourced from older 1950’s buildings, homes, barns and sheds, are not only very resistant, but also eco-friendly.

Reclaimed Wood Boynton Beach

Mahalo will restore the wood and bring up its original beauty, to be repurposed into Boynton Beach homes and businesses.

Use the handy form on this page to reach to us, or give us a call and we will have one of our specialists come to your Boynton Beach home or business and give you a comprehensive estimate on what can be done and how much it will cost to have some beautiful reclaimed wood installed on your home! Our consultations in Boynton Beach are no strings attached, meaning it will cost you absolutely nothing to bring our experts in to talk to you and offer you a 100% free estimate to have your wood paneling or floors in reclaimed wood installed.

With Mahalo, You Can Count on 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed to Boynton Beach HomeownersWe at Mahalo are dedicated to providing an unique experience through reclaimed wood for Boynton Beach residents and business owners. We guarantee you the highest possible standards, so that you will be 100% satisfied with your reclaimed product. Each of our natural woods has unique beauty, and we are committed to finding the best use for each and every piece of wood we salvage. We customize any wood paneling to meet our customer’s specifications and needs and custom hardwood paneling in many different styles and varieties.

These are some of the products we distribute for Boynton Beach residents and home owners:

Wood Pergolas | Wood Accent Walls | Decks & Docks | Wood Decking | Barn Doors | Reclaimed Wood Panels | Demolition Wood Panels | Exotic Wood Panels | Rustic Wood Panels | Brazilian Exotic Wood | Brazilian Reclaimed Peroba Rosa (Pink) | Reclaimed Barn Wood Paneling | Customized Reclaimed Wood Paneling | Accent Reclaimed Wood Paneling | Painted Reclaimed Wood Paneling | Sanded Demolition Wood Paneling | Exotic Wood Decking installation | Decorative Reclaimed, Demolition and Exotic Wood Panels in Boynton Beach | Exotic Wood Decking Installation in Boynton Beach | Reclaimed Demolition Wood Paneling in Boynton Beach | Reclaimed Exotic Wood Paneling in Boynton Beach | Pergolas Installation in Boyton Beach | Pergolas for Boyton Beach Patios, Pool Decks and Gardens | Decks & Docks in Boyton Beach | Wood Decking in Boyton Beach | Wood Deck Installation in Boyton Beach | Wood Pergolas for Boynton Beach Homeowners

We are an American Company that specializes in everything wood-related. From beautiful reclaimed wood panels for your home or office, through wood decking, barn doors and pergolas for your back yard.

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