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Pergolas Installation in Sunrise

Looking for Pergolas Installation in Sunrise? Mahalo Wood has the best team of Pergolas installers in South Florida, so look no further, because we have everything you need to have the perfect addition to your backyard, patio, pool deck or garden.

Pergolas are shade structures that really do cast a giant shadow, and not just over your Sunrise patio or deck. Pergolas have been cooling sun-splashed areas all over the world for centuries. Some have actually been standing that long.

A Pergola can stand alone on decorative posts, or can employ posts and a connection to a wall. A Pergola differs from other similar structures because it doesn’t use a solid roof to generate shade, instead using an open canopy of framing members that are artfully shaped for appealing aesthetics. The results are shade that actually has some intricacies to its appearance, and natural ventilation through the canopy’s open spaces.

The open canopy gives a Pergola a slightly whimsical look, but Pergolas are seriously designed and built. They are engineered and constructed to meet the same tough wind standards as other Patio Covers, so Sunrise homeowners don’t have to worry about them being too fragile.

And Pergolas offer something most other Patio Covers don’t: Pergolas mix shade and sun simultaneously. So even though your patio or deck is shaded and cooler than if exposed, it remains bright because some sunlight gets through. That makes Pergolas ideal over Sunrise pool decks, where solid shade might be too chilly after a swim, and over gardens, where plants need sun for growth.

Did you know that Mahalo Wood installs Pergolas outside homes in Sunrise and all across South Florida, including Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County? Contact us today and we can perform the best wood pergolas installation available in Sunrise.

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